for kids & seniors

Help us love on kids and seniors with some handmade, homemade Valentine’s cards!

Why do we make cards?

  • It’s simple! We’re called to love each other!
  • There are so many East Texas kids who are in the hospital and seniors in assisted living facilities on Valentine’s Day this year.
  • For some this is the only love they will receive.
  • What’s eve more amazing is they’ll give love whenever they receive love!
  • The cards you give are hand-delivered by The Well’s staff members and volunteers!

Here’s how to help!

  • Please, no candy! (CRUCIAL): Not everyone who receives these cards is able to enjoy candy. Please respect that by NOT putting candy in your card. Thank you!
  • Make homemade Valentine’s cards. You can include words of encouragement, Bible verses, and any uplifting words!
  • Sign your name! But please sign only your first name, your age, and your group (if applicable).
  • Drop them off! Please have them to our studios by Sunday, Feb. 7.